Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hillary Redux: Hea Back Off!

Imagine...what could have been.  

She knew what to say.  But like many women we make the mistake of taking the high ground. 
With creepy bullies it clearly doesn't work!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Watching: can you read these warnings

No doubt there will be folks who look at the eclipse today without protecting their eyes.  And it won't be because they didn't comprehend all the safety warnings.

Don't look at the sun directly. Ever           0.9th grade level      Age 5.9

Don’t look directly at the sun today.         4th grade   Age 9

Don’t look directly at the sun today during the eclipse.         7th grade   Age 12

Don't look up with your eyes uncovered. And no, sunglasses won't help you either, in fact they could be worse.     3rd grade    Age 8.1

Be Smart: A Partial Eclipse Can Fry Your Naked Eyes      3.7  grade    Age 8.7

Why you absolutely cannot stare at the sun without
eclipse glasses.       9.1 grade    age 14.

(I used the approximate Flesch Kincaid Score )

Friday, August 18, 2017

Confederate Monuments Through the Filter Bubble

Search engines, algorithms and simply selective reading essentially result in each of us consuming information that tells a consistent story with a consistent viewpoint.  We are seeing and consuming less and less information that disagrees or contradicts our viewpoints.

That’s the filter bubble we each live in and continues to make communicating with eachother possible.

Here’s a  24 hr. glimpse at the Confederate monument removal story through filter bubbles: 

Fox News

Friday, August 4, 2017

Trump the linguist

Does anyone else find President Trump’s new-found respect for language strange and ironic.  Overnight he finds himself quite comfortable with setting linguistic competencies for the nation!  This coming from someone who doesn’t complete most of his sentences and whose impoverished repertoire of descriptives is “beautiful,  "right” “tremendous” and “fake”.  

Thursday Pres. Trump declared that only people who speak English should be allowed into the US. 
And last night, at a Trump rally, the Governor of W. Va. was talking about the new White House Chief of Staff, General Kelly, and actually boasted that Kelly was, 

This from a Governor who’s last name is “Justice.”!!

Enough!  Who made these guys arbiters of literacy and the spoken word? It's not bad enough that Trump has lowered the bar for lucid, grammatical dialogue -  now this administration is implicating language and literacy in the service of overtly bigoted and xenophobic political statements?  OK.  That sentence was a mouthful, but seriously. 

Oh, and Governor, the former Chief of Staff’s name is,

                                  Reince Priebus

                                     Rīns  Prē - bus