Thursday, September 24, 2020


6th Annual Colorado Health Literacy Coalition Conference:

I am speaking followed by the renowned health literacy expert, Janet Ohene-Frempong.


Abstract of my talk: 

Monday, August 31, 2020

When curating health information for the public may be dangerous to their health

Monique McCollum and her colleagues at Univ of Colorado Hospital are hosting their 6th conference online.
They're good folks, thinking about good things and....broad minded - witness they invited me!!!

Preview of my talk

Covid is, what I call, a “concentrated encounter” – a time of extremely distilled significances.  In such times the submerged fault lines of social inequality now are seen as chasms. 


When it comes to how we curate (gatekeep) health information for low health literate folks, how are we not perpetuating a great divide by limiting vocabulary, using stilted sentences, or even forsaking print for pictograms? 

  1. How is there not just a wiff of classism or even racism in how we’ve defined people’s competencies?
  2. How do we propose the path we’ve taken is going to help level the playing field between experts and all the rest of us?

Hope you can join us. :)