Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swine Flu - Taking a Health Literacy Approach

"How To Think Like a Scientist:H1N1"
 A new educational video from
How To Health Literacy 
Written and Produced by

Joslyn Levy & Christina Zarcadoolas  

I’d like you to spend 4 minutes taking a look at How To Think Like a Scientist: H1N1. It’s the first short animated video produced through our new endeavor, How to Health Literacy (H2HL), and we’re excited to hear your reaction.

As you know, improving the quality of health communications and making information more accessible to a broad audience is critically important. Having been discouraged by the quality of existing materials, my colleague, Joslyn Levy, a well respected public health expert, and I have finally decided to take the plunge and start producing our own tools and materials.
H2HL, is taking a revolutionary approach to health education and communication. To change X health behavior, most people need to know Y. We work on communicating the "WHY" in an engaging way. Our goal is to begin to address the many unmet needs of patients with chronic diseases, key concepts in prevention, and vital preparedness issues. 
How To Think Like a Scientist: H1N1, takes the mystery out of swine flu recommendations, thereby improving people's understanding, trust and willingness to take health actions to protect themselves and others. The video introduces vital concepts - What is a virus? How does it spread? What's the role of public health surveillance in protecting me and my family?
Our target for this video is employers, public health agencies, health care providers, and any organization that is encouraging its constituents to take important actions to prevent the spread of the H1N1 virus. As a respected colleague, I am interested in your feedback on this video and your recommendations for organizations that might be interested in licensing this video or learning aboutH2HL
Thanks in advance for your interest.
Please contact me czarcadoolas@gmail.com  or joslynlevy@gmail.com  with any questions or comments you have about these new tools or this project.

Access the video online:
How To Health Literacy (website under construction)
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New York, NY  10017