Thursday, October 15, 2009

Urban Design for Health - Stair Use

Another installment of  "Say This  ... Not This" 

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Not this.....

"A narrow, quick-fix approach will not be enough to deal with the chronic diseases and community transformation that have worsened over the last few decades. We need to adopt systems thinking and changes to undo the damage our built environment has already done. But the underlying idea is, in fact, a simple one, one that we all learned in kindergarten—we humans work and live better when we have the opportunity to play, run around, have fun, and be outdoors with people we like. This simple lesson should underscore the way we plan and inhabit our environments."

Richard J. Jackson 

State Public Health Officer, 
California Department of Health Services, 
Sacramento, California
Commentary on active living research

Available online 4 February 2005.