Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane: Why people don't go to evacuation centers - Reason #2

Reason #2

Now I'm a quick learner, but each time I've tried to use the  Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder on the OEM website to determine if I am in a Flood Area - ( specifically for Hurricane Sand - Zone A) - I invariably don't type in my location exactly the way this low-tolerance search program wants it.

You try.

Someone just reported that the site isn't working right now.


  1. I tried the Hurricane Zone Finder yesterday because my mother in law lives in Brighton Beach. Although I knew it was Zone A, I wanted to see what it said. NOTHING - that is what it said.


  2. I just tried it for a friend who lives in Zone B... not clear from address locator results if he actually lives in Zone B. The arrow was a tad outside of the orange color, but the orange color encompasses the road he is on, so he would be in Zone B? Would be nice to have a message saying: this address is in Zone B, rather than just a map visual where you have to make the determination yourself.

  3. Andy thanks for trying the site. You're so right - if you recall, one of the things residents had the hardest time working with was the "legend" - I agree that the visual display ( the map) has to have a clear statement or story as well.

    You live in Zone xxxxx. This means.........

    Is that what you mean?

    1. It doesn't even say, "You live in Zone B, based on the address you provided." It just shows a map with a grey bubble arrow pointing at your address, and you are supposed to infer whether that arrow is encompassed by the color or not.