Monday, October 29, 2012

Why people don't go to Hurricane Evacuation Centers - Reasons #4

Trust.  If you're not going to have a police state - where people are carted off the beaches and boardwalks, or forced out of their apartments in Zone A - you need to rely on a public that understands and trusts the directions they are getting in an emergency.

I'm sure we could put together a very long list of what prevents many New York residents from trusting emergency management officials:

I'll start with one:
I'll call it...
But Wardrobe Malfunction #1

Officials say that public safety is very, very important to them.  They don't want residents getting hurt and they don't want first responders, trying to rescue residents, in harms way.

Got it!  Makes sense.

But as residents are asking today, why aren't the 12,000 prisoners on Riker's Island being evacuated? 
What about the floating jail at Hunt's Point - 800 prisoners?
Check out Michael Howard Saul's blog today in the WSJ.  Particularly the comments posted by loved ones and friends of those prisoners.

Or Solitary Watch

Then talk to me  me about trust.

Civic literacy- plays an important role in the public's overall health and safety literacy.  civic literacy consists of the things we learn about what sources of information to trust, who to go to for reliable information, how we understand power relationships - is a dynamic process.

Sadly, in this particularly situation, we are "teaching" a very counter-productive lesson in civic literacy.

And we continue to wonder why residents, many of them from diverse communities, don't want to get on the evacuation busses.

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