Sunday, October 6, 2013

Infographics to help explain Open Enrollment

Thrilling to see the enthusiasm and determination to access information and enroll in ACA - Obama Care.  I am purposefully and proudly using those two words together in spite of the painfully tortured efforts of some to keep the public in the dark about the fat that they are the same thing. 

In addition to all the states creating everything from singing TV ads to their own online calculators to help consumers prepare for and better understand open enrollment, there is a new generation of "info-graphics". This one below is from Kaiser Family Foundation.
KFF produced, one of the very best white board videos explaining ACA for consumers that I've seen - "The Youtoons Get Ready for Obamacare"

I really like some of what info-graphics are trying to do.  And this one is clearly trying to tell a story about how ACA is going to make getting health insurance more affordable than it has been.

I'm interested in getting your opinions about the elements of this graphic that could be changed or improved to guarantee better access to low literacy and low health literacy ( or insurance literacy) consumers.

It might be nice to share our thoughts with the Kaiser folks who have done so much great work to improve accessibility of healthcare and patient understanding. 

On the List, I'd put:

   a reading table literacy issue - you have to know to read down the left and across
   a financial literacy issues - no something about what a tax credit is and how it works.  In other words, do you pay upfront and get reimbursed after taxes? 
Thanks as always.