Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Changing People's Perception One Note at at Time

A total act of randomness, my TV clicker landed on NBCs TheVoice   just as Jordan Smith was singing SIA's "Chandelier"  He blew the  judges' minds one by one as they turned their chairs to see who this amazing voice was. He changed their perceptions thoroughly.
Jordan Smith - a young man, cherubic faced, overweight, plaid shirt and cardigan, glasses.
Jordan Smith

There HE was.

Each judge was expecting  something else.  Not.... Jordan
Expecting a female, or someone hip enough to sing this edgy song.  "One, Two Three, Drink. One Two Three, Drink."
Expecting one of them.

Instead there was Jordan Smith.

They were blown away - everyone was smiling. You could see how much they loved what had just happened. Their minds had been changed.
Everything they thought turned out to be wrong.
They learned something all brand new. They learned how good Jordan was.
Adam Levine summed it up -  "You are the most important person that's ever been on this show."

I'm not in "the business" but I can't stop thinking about that moment. When all those judges changed so completely.
I am in the business of trying to change people's behaviors about their health - changing what they know and understand.
I know there are behavioral modelsstages of changecognitive dissonance, social marketing.   But they don't do what Jordan did.
I want to do what Jordan Smith did.  And I don't even sing