Thursday, August 4, 2016

Puerto Rico bans pesticide Naled - Miami sprays.

I'm not a toxicologist, and I don't have time to become one this week.
But I am following the Zika outbreak and I'm trying to make informed choices.

If I were living in Miami ( or not)  I know I'd be very focused on Zika.
But I'd also be worried about what I don't know about the pesticide Naled.

Puerto Rican officials, health and environmental experts, farmers....voiced their opposition to using Naled.

As early as Spring 2016 residents of San Juan and other areas of Puerto Rico were actively protesting Naled's use.  (Photo taken by Raul Colón)

And Puerto Ricans with the help of petitioned against its use.

Just last week CDC dropped its efforts to spray with Naled in PR.

This week the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami was sprayed...using Naled.

What have I missed here?

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