Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hurricane Weather Reporting is Dangerous to Public Safety

Please someone tell me!

What is the point of weathermen, weatherwomen, yelling into their mics, plena voce, struggling to stand upright while palm trees disintegrate around them, drenched and unrecognizable through TV cameras about to short circuit, “reporting” on a hurricane? 
 (In the case above,  CNN's Bill Weir “It feels like my face is being power washed.

 Time was, it used to be only the weather channel that hosted and bosted such bizarre behavior. But of late (Harvey and Irma the most recent) the 24/7 network news cycle now features this strange Cinéma vérité as well – a bizzare cross between Planet Earth and Doomsday Prophesy.

Don’t the networks get the dangerous contradiction they're promoting.  They have to.  It’s so obvious.  For at least 4 days before Irma, Florida residents are warned non-stop to “evacuate”, “leave now”, “don’t go outdoors for any reason”, “first responders will not come to rescue you”.

But here we have intrepid, cum daredevils, (forgive the lame pun here) casting all good sense to the wind. And not too subtley contradicting everything public safety management experts are saying.


 Photo above appeared in NYT story 9/10/17

Has language failed us totally?

Is it simply not “real” enough to see hurricane devastation from the vantage point of non-human mounted camera?

Has our emersion in reality TV raised the bar so high that we’re no longer engaged enough nor satisfied enough until the weatherman is torn limb from limb as we gaze snacking at our viewing devices -  our own private Roman Collosseums? 

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