Sunday, June 24, 2018

American Heart Association:Obscure by Design?

Another installment of ......
Language Acting Badly

My friend Joslyn snapped this Ad in Harlem yesterday and sent it to me with the question “Isn’t this strange?”

It was late.
I was tired.
YES it was strange.  
I couldn’t make sense of it.

This morning I checked out the AHA website attached to the Ad.
(American Heart Association with sponsorship from Mount Sinai Hospital)
The animated video sort of explained the Ad. (couldn’t find it on Youtube)  #gonebadforgood

How does this Ad go off the rails?

Let’s unpack it.

"You give crunch a bad name"

When you “give X a bad name” this means you make something look bad or ruin the reputation of something...
Carrots are crunchy
The carrot seems angry
Cheetos are crunchy
The carrot is putting air in the bag.
   Is the carrot trying to make the bag look bigger?
   Is the carrot trying to blow up the bag?
   Is it showing that's there's just a lot of air in a bag of chips?

Who writes this copy? 

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