Monday, September 30, 2019

Kentucky Medicaid - there's no shame in calling it "work"

Federal officials have approved work requirement proposals in seven states — Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

And the more I clicked on the links for the painfully disguised Medicaid work requirement in Kentucky, what they mysteriously obfuscated as the Path Community Engagement Requirement, the more I concluded that this rebranding of a work requirement has 2 big downsides:

#1 As I talked about in the previous post "community engagement" doesn't jump off the page saying "work" requirement. Writing critical health coverage information that is high barrier - hard to read and use, frustrates and demeans consumers and perpetuates the health disparities agenda. 

#2  Not using the word "WORK" diminishes the very value of the work it wants to encourage.  What's so wrong with calling taking care of a relative work!!!

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