Sunday, September 15, 2013

10,000 Reasons to Get Health Insurance

The state of Minnesota has created a video showing all the many ways it is working to get out the word the that open enrollment is coming and that it is so very important to have health insurance. 

In it you see all the ways: tv commercials, large outdoor bill boards, bus posters, print ads, radio spots,  digital aids, ...The ads are running now.  Minnesotans are learning about their health insurance choices through the Minnesota Health Exchange everyday.

The state of New York has a video I have only come across on Youtube.  With instructions  " To find out how you or your business can get it go to New York State of Health, the official health plan marketplace."

1. I search in my google browser. 
2. The first thing to pop up is New York State Department of  Health 
3. New York consumers are not off to a good start. 
4. Open enrollment start October 1. 

What does Minnesota know that New York doesn't?