Thursday, September 12, 2013

Florida doing its best to put up more barriers to consumers' abilities to enroll with Exchange

State Navigators must stay away from health dept.


The outreach workers known as navigators won’t be allowed to help people sign up for health insurance on the grounds of county health departments, according to a memo from the Florida Department of Health.
The order from Deputy Health Secretary C. Meade Grigg went out late Monday to the 60 local health department directors across the state.
Grigg declined to comment on the directive. But health department spokeswoman Ashley Carr said there was a need for “clarity” and “a consistent message” across the agency....Read More 

Can it get more blatant that this!
It's not going to be difficult enough to reach people who are potentially insurable, so Florida has decided to make it even harder for navigators to do their work in the next month. 
Anyone know of a watchlist tracking these bad acting states?

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