Monday, May 20, 2024

ChatGPT Let Me Down This Morning

( Chatting with Chat today 5-20-24)

I'm sure you've had mornings like this.  I woke up thinking about long covid and interleukins. 

So I had coffee with my ChatGPT app. 

#1 request to ChatGPT:

In the context of long Covid, what role does interleukin play?

In the context of Long Covid, interleukins may play a role in the persistent symptoms experienced by some individuals after recovering from the initial COVID-19 infection. Studies have shown that in some cases, Long Covid symptoms may be linked to ongoing inflammation and dysregulation of the immune system, which can be influenced by interleukins.

Specifically, interleukins such as IL-6 and IL-10 have been found to be elevated in some Long Covid patients, indicating ongoing immune activation and inflammation. This chronic inflammation may contribute to symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, and muscle pain that persist long after the initial infection has cleared.

Understanding the role of interleukins in Long Covid may help researchers develop targeted treatments to alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for individuals experiencing long-term effects of COVID-19.


OK.  It's what I'd expect.  A text peppered with high level medical and science concepts: persistent symptoms,  IL-6   IL-10,  chronic inflammation, dysregulation,  targeted treatment. 

And an abundance of compound, complex sentences - embedded phrases and clauses. 


2nd request to ChatGPT

Rewrite this in simple sentences

In Long Covid, interleukins are proteins that may cause ongoing inflammation and immune system issues after a person has recovered from COVID-19. Some Long Covid patients have higher levels of interleukins like IL-6 and IL-10, which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, and muscle pain that last a long time. Researchers are studying how interleukins are involved in Long Covid to find ways to help people feel better and improve their quality of life.


Well, 3 paragraphs trimmed down to one.  But these are not simple sentences.  ChatGPT still enamored of those phrases and clauses that look nothing like simple sentences. 


3rd request 

Explain this to low-health literate readers

In the context of Long Covid, interleukins are like messengers in your body that can sometimes cause ongoing inflammation and immune system problems after you've recovered from COVID-19. This can lead to symptoms like feeling tired all the time, trouble thinking clearly, and muscle pain that last long after you've gotten over the initial infection.

Researchers are studying how these interleukins might be linked to these lingering symptoms in Long Covid, so that they can find ways to help people feel better and improve their quality of life. By understanding how interleukins are involved, they hope to develop treatments that can target these specific problems and make a difference for those struggling with Long Covid.


Oh dear......I feel a migraine coming on.

Defaulting to a cartoon character (messengers) as analogies can't work for the reader if all the surrounding words/concepts are high-barrier. 

 If you're an AI guru reading this - what does ChatGPT need to learn to be more useful to all the millions of readers who have questions, and could really benefit from information they can understand and their fingertips.  

And, not to sound like a broken record, but WHAT'S WITH ALL THE COMPLEX SYNTAX. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Dear AI, Simplifying Syntax is Simple

Silly me.  
I forgot to propose a rewrite for my last post. 

“So what is a good rewrite of the amoxicillin paragraph.”

My criteria for a good rewrite of complex sentences so that they are low-barrier, readable advance someone's knowledge are: 
Explain complex vocabulary, in some cases substitute words.
Catch unnecessarily complex sentences and unpack them.
Make sure compound sentences are not too long.
Never got the goal it to inform & teach something – SO DON’T DUMB DOWN. There's enough of that in this society. 

Original ChatGPT Message
Do I have to stay out of the sun if I am taking amoxicillin?

It is not necessary to avoid sun exposure while taking amoxicillin. However, some people may experience increased sensitivity to sunlight as a side effect of the medication. If you notice that your skin is becoming more sensitive or if you develop a rash or sunburn while taking amoxicillin, it may be best to limit your time in the sun and use sunscreen to protect your skin. It is always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about sun exposure while taking medication.

ChatGPT’s idea of simplifying the sentence
Can you say this in simpler sentences?

You don't have to stay out of the sun while taking amoxicillin, but some people may be more sensitive to sunlight because of the medication. If your skin gets more sensitive or you get a rash or sunburn, it's a good idea to limit your time in the sun and use sunscreen. Talk to your doctor if you're worried about being in the sun while taking amoxicillin.

Chris' Reveal
(a bit presumptuous of me) 
Here's one way I would do it (for the average reader with basic health literacy. 

If you are taking amoxicillin, you do not have to stay out of the sun. 
That’s the general rule for most people.  But, for some people amoxicillin can make them more sensitive to the sun.  These sensitive people can get a rash or sunburn.  If you begin to develop a rash or sunburn when you are taking amoxicillin, you can use sunscreen (cream to protect your skin from sun) and cut down on time in the sun.  Remember, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or health provider if you have questions. 

I'd also limit line length to 7-10 words. 

Could someone suggest another good rewrite?