Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Nobody reads my posts: until this week

Nobody reads my posts with the exception of my small circle of indulgent friends and colleagues. My life's work has been figuring out how to present #healthinformation so that people can understand it. Not all that exciting but it's where I like to live.

So, what was I thinking when, earlier this week I came across a complicated graph in a newspaper I read and respect. Beautifully colored bubble graphs - incomprehensible to the average reader. What I call the start of a productive working day!

I posted the graphs on FB and asked for ideas about how the #data could be re-designed.

DAAAAAA I now see the error of my ways.
Unfortunately the graphic was about #Covidvaccine.
Now recall, very few people ever read my FB or blog ( again how not sexy is #informationarchitecture?)

But this week's post was off the charts.
Overnight - I'm popular!!!!

Hundreds of viewers, tons of comments.....
All pretty mean spirited, #nastytirades , dismissive #memes #fakenews #vaccineconspiracies and even warnings about violating the #NurembergCode,
Not one comment about the graphs or my question.
You know how sometimes, among all the billions of bits of memories you store, a moment remains quite real and present. Well one of my tiny moments was a professor saying to the class (and I think quoting a psychologist (Miller) –
“When you’re arguing with someone, STOP. Say to yourself, “What that person is true.” And then ask yoursel, “what could this be true of?”
My Question:
Will spending lots of time thinking about this get me anywhere or is it more productive for me to just get on with the work I know I do well and makes a a few folks’ lives just a little better?

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