Tuesday, January 4, 2022

You'll Need to Study for NYCDOE Covid Questionnaire


As a TV reporter commented this morning - reminded her of one of those incomprehensible math riddles....

A 300 ft. train is traveling 300 ft. per minute must travel through a 300 ft. long tunnel. How long will it take the train to travel through the tunnel?

(for those who don't want to strain their eyes reading my highlighted text: 

"Yes, and I have received a negative result from a COVID-19 diagnostic test performed by a health care provider OR I am a student or school-based staff member who received two negative results from a take-home test taken at least 24 hours apart since the onset of symptoms AND have only mild symptoms (no runny nose; if cough, cough minimal and non-productive; fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication). Go to the next question. "

I tried to rewrite the criteria BUT I just couldn't figure out what the DOE was even asking!

Yes   No   I got a Negative Covid test from a health care provider.
Yes   No   I used a take home test and got 2 negative COVID tests.  I took the tests at least 24 hours apart. 
Yes   No   I had Covid symptoms, but then again maybe it was just a cold, or the sudden change in temperature, or this endless stress about the pandemic that simply caused me to think I was having symptoms, which then lead to the runny nose and a cough, which now that I think about it, was not very productive because I still had to cook for the kids and do the laundry because it wasn't until my fever set it, at least I think it was a fever as we don't have a working home thermometer anymore, thanks to the dog who mistook it for a toy, which left me in the position of really not feeling as though I should to out to CVS to get any medication, which I would have a hard time buying because the shelves have been empty so often lately because of COVID. 

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