Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Does Mom Need a 2nd Covid Booster - CDC Website Makes It Hard to Know

My dear 93 year old Mother asked me a simple question last night? 
 "Chrissie, I got my booster in April.  Am I suppose to get another one now?"

Well I work in public health. I write about this stuff - I should know.  But I didn't.  No worries.  Go to the CDC website and type in "CDC Covid booster guidelines.  Voila!

I click on "Adults aged 18 and over."  

It would have been ohhhh so nice to read a direct statement about what the booster guidance is.  But, no.  Silly me. 
There's a long list of algebraic information about who should get second "doses"!

Oh, I think,  maybe I should click first on the Pfizer information - Mom got that brand of vaccine and booster. 

No real help here. 
.............Let me go back.  

And there, on that long list, at the very end of that list is what I was searching for. 

One updated booster dose: If you have completed your updated booster dose, you are currently up to date. There is not a recommendation to get another updated booster dose.

Staying up to date: If you have completed your primary series, but are not yet eligible for a booster, you are also considered up to date.

It's 3 years later and CDC is still demonstrating its astounding inability to communicate well with us - belying, what seems to me,  a fundamental disdain towards the public and keeping us informed and in the room where it happens.

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